Define Media Group Inc. provides clients with scalable solutions to accomplish:

  1. Increase Qualified Traffic Through Enterprise SEO
  2. Increase User Engagement Through Audience Development

The foundation of our expertise is a robust enterprise Search Engine Optimization program. Taking into account that many internet sessions start with a search engine, SEO delivers the most effective method of driving qualified users to your site. As a long-term strategy, this is shown to deliver greater ROI than Paid Search.

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Every Define campaign builds on our ‘SEO is everyone’s job’ philosophy. We customize our training sessions to integrate search as a manageable part of the business workflow. The SEO success of our clients depends on making sure that everyone who touches site content has a role in the SEO process. The upshot: Intelligent decisions about SEO can be made thousands of times a day rather than trying to fix the site’s SEO problems every few months.

Our customized Enterprise SEO Training

Almost every definition of SEO encompasses the strategies and tactics that increase your site’s rankings in the search engines. Very quickly, it becomes apparent that truly effective SEO is much more than targeting the right keywords and making technical changes. Sustained SEO growth depends on Audience Development, encompassing many marketing strategies both online and offline and when aligned with specific site goals, can be a powerful way to drive new visitors to the site. Effectively engaged, this can drive link popularity of the site, a critical piece of the SEO puzzle.

Define has helped Fortune 500 companies use Audience Development strategies to supercharge their SEO campaigns.