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MozCon Presentation – Keep the Focus on the Doughnuts

Marshall Simmonds’ highly rated MozCon Presentation.

How to get control of and manage big data and visualize SEO traffic in ways that help promote your search engine optimization efforts.

Learn how to leverage your internal (and external) metrics to show your success or where your site falls short.

Learn to tactically act on your internal data including Image Search, Indexation, Rel-Canonical, Dashboard, Google News, Tools and Log-File Analysis.

Official Presentation Description:

If you’re in a time and resource crunch, Marshall will share which SEO tactics you should implement and prioritize, from the basic to the highly technical, based on measured and quantified data from billions of page views.

Marshall Simmonds has been involved in the search industry since it began. Over the past 17 years, he’s solidified himself as one of the top consultants in publishing and enterprise audience development. Many of the tactics you continue to employ today as best practices were either developed or refined by this guy; he’s “Internet Old.”



About the Author

Marshall Simmonds is the Founder of Define Media Group, the enterprise SEO company specializing in enterprise search marketing and strategic audience development.

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