Define believes that comprehensive SEO knowledge across all facets of an organization is the key to developing an SEO program that can capture search traffic over the long run. Search engine optimization training creates search-proficient staff not only on the front lines (IT and content creation teams), but also within marketing, product development, and strategy groups. Once all parties are educated, a search program can be executed across a company of any size.

Define employs this methodology with our clients. Using SEO best practices, we comprehensively train your staff on relevant, traffic-oriented techniques and provide recommendations on integrating those tactics into the daily workflow. No two Enterprise SEO programs work the same, so our trainings are customized to the business environment at hand. Our search engine optimization training is an exchange of ideas and information, and is geared to position you for optimal organic search traffic gains.

The ultimate goal of our search engine optimization training program is to alleviate long-term costs associated with hiring a third party SEO company. Our experience shows that bringing search in-house is the most efficient and effective strategy for the enterprise client.