Social Media Marketing

These days everyone is doing social, and rightfully so.

Social media is now a fundamental component of any integrated marketing campaign, impacting audience development, content promotion and SEO. It cannot be segmented as a separate activity or owned by any one department. To be successful the marketing, editorial and technical teams must all play a role, which creates challenges at the enterprise level.

That’s where we come in.

As with our enterprise SEO services, Define helps companies to establish core competencies in-house and build a social media program that is sustainable and pays dividends over the long-term.

We help you to develop an effective social media strategy to improve brand awareness, engage with target audiences, increase traffic and conversions and support SEO. Then through institutional training and ongoing support we help you to execute it right, measure and evaluate the results and make adjustments as needed.

On-Site Optimization

  • Optimize the selection, placement and messaging of social buttons and add-ons
  • Determine the right mix of Facebook integration and make effective use of the Open Graph Protocol as well as Facebook Social Plugins
  • Select the right third-party tools to help you make the most of your efforts
  • Develop engaging ways to integrate socially generated content into your own site experience

Promotion and Outreach

  • Make the most of brand and staff profiles on relevant social sites
  • Maintain active social outposts without sacrificing on-site community and engagement
  • Identify influencers and engage audiences in an appropriate way
  • Sync editorial, PR and marketing efforts
  • Leverage social for SEO gains
  • Maximize traffic and conversions

Social Analytics

  • Implement the best solutions for social monitoring, management and analytics
  • Choose the right KPIs and establish a formal process for measurement and evaluation
  • Correlate social signals with SEO performance
  • Accurately determine ROI

Define understands big media and particularly how large networks operate. They’re able to assess, train and execute on complex strategies.
Jim Lanzone
President at CBS Interactive

There are few, if any, people who have been helping major publishers attain visibility for as long as Marshall Simmonds has. He’s a pioneer in the space. It’s always a pleasure to have him sharing his knowledge with our audiences at SMX and on Search Engine Land.”

Danny Sullivan
Editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land